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Included: Frame, Humbucker pickup plate, plate screws, wire ties, heat shrink, cable and end-pin strap.

Pickup not included

This kit is designed so that you can put your favorite Pickup on the cradle, and hook it up to your AMP via the provided phone cable or internally through your guitar jack.

This new innovative device has taken the acoustic guitar into another realm. What used to be meant for electric guitars is now available for acoustic guitars via the Pickup Cradle. Your favorite electric guitar sound can now be applied to the acoustic guitar. The Pickup Cradle is designed so that suspended mounted electric guitar pickups can be mounted on the Cradle and in turn placed in the sound hole of a acoustic guitars with a diameter of 3.75 to 4.063 inches.

The pickups are mounted on a plate designed specifically for Humbuckers, Tele, Strat, P90, TV JONES or other pickup types. The same hardware supplied with the suspended mount pickups are used to mount to the pickup plate. The Cradle is centered in the sound hole and with four sliders locked into place and ready to play. Some assembly is required.

Pickup Cradle