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This self aligning binding cutter is designed for a vertical platform, in a form of an articulated arm, a carriage that move vertically or a platform that holds this cutter head vertical to the top or back of the guitar. The biggest feature is that you now cut a binding channel with a spiral down cut bit which gives you a perfect accurate rabbet for your bindings. We still reference on the side of the guitar body with a single guide bearing and can move the housing in or out exposing more of the bit. The key to this innovative design is that the mechanism self aligns to the arc of the guitar body always keeping it perpendicular with sight pressure to the guide bearing. The cutter is attached on a template guide so that it can be mounted on a typical router plate.

Self aligning binding cutter


Cut adjustment 3/8”

Cut Depth 3/8”


Self Aligning Binding Cutter Head

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Head only


Self Aligning Binding Cutter Vertical Stand

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Accessories and Replacement parts


Self Aligning Binding Cutter Rub Plate


¼ Spiral Dwn Cut Bit

Recommended trim routers


Self Aligning Binding Cutter Cradle

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Porter Cable PCE6430

DeWalt DWP611

Bosch “Colt”


Self Aligning Binding Cutter Cradle Ukulele

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