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The Rosette Cutter is a sleek precision tool ready to meet any intricate rosette cutting challenges with control and speed. It easily fits to your drill press and cuts perfect channels quickly and accurately for any size and configuration of sound hole inlay relief. Only one setscrew holds each knife in place, allowing for easy adjustments and replacement  without taking the whole cutter assembly apart. Three knife sizes are available so you can select the size closest to the desired width and grinding it to size.  

Rosette cutter Spec’s The rosette cutter includes center post, (2) 1/4” square knifes, (2) 3/16” square knifes and (2) 1/8” square knifes. Rosette cutter accessories

Rosette Cutter


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instructions_rosette_cutter.pdf MANUAL

1/8” Knife each


3/16” Knife each


1/4” Knife each